Cheers to never starting a client email from scratch again.

It's 100% possible with

The Top-Shelf Client Experience Email Bundle

(Aka the freshest canned templates around)












Cheers to never starting a client email from scratch again.

It's 100% possible with

The Top-Shelf Client Experience Email Bundle

(Aka the freshest canned templates around)




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From the moment a potential client comes into your world, there’s one primary way you’re communicating: email. 

But creating a lifelong client and fan won’t happen with just ANY EMAILS. 

YOU NEED AWESOME EMAILS. Thoughtfully crafted communication that inspires clients to trust you, love you and take action, whether that action is scheduling a discovery call (and actually showing up), paying an invoice or saying “yes” to your proposal.

But knowing exactly what to say and hitting “send” on these isn’t as easy as it seems, is it? 



*All sales final.

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Thank you so much for putting this together. I’m so glad I bought it! I was nervous they might sound like other email templates I’ve bought (whose verbiage was either a little too cookie cutter, wasn’t relevant, or just wasn’t how I’d handle things), but these are actually really great. And I can FINALLY feel like I have a better freaking grip on my customer process. Finally!  

Traci Yoshimura, Copywriter

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“These templates take the guessing game out of wondering what to say. They cut through all the imposter syndrome that's muddling up your mind and allow you to stay in touch with clients without obsessing over every single word.



Helen Anne Travis, copywriter

 Pop Quiz ✨

1. How long does it take you to write out a response to a New Client Inquiry? 

〇 I have an auto-reply set up, but tbh ... I'm not sure what it says!  

〇 I write, then delete, then repeat for at least 30 minutes. 

〇 Ugh … too long to admit.

2. What’s your approach when a client is late paying an invoice?  

〇 Meh, who needs to make that car payment anyway?

〇 I let the invoicing software robots handle that one.  

〇 Send a “sorry to bother you again” email.

3. How do you handle it when a client emails you and asks for something “extra”?  

〇 I do it just to avoid the awkward conversation.

〇 Ignore and hope they forget.

〇 Agree to do it “just this once.” 


You are sooo NOT the only one who stresses over every word and feels that little inner “eeek” each time you hit “send.” It’s easy (natural, even) to overthink every word and second-guess yourself into analysis paralysis mode.

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“This is an ass-saving, money-making, gift from the copywriting gods. I’ve generated more than  30k in revenue since implementing these along with your proposal structure and process. I’ve grabbed free swipe copy before, but they were dry and lifeless. I also loved that there is the why behind the emails. Not just the copy.”  


Molly Hicks, business strategist/OBM

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“I incorporated your proposal trick and I gotta say, it’s GENIUS!








Nicole Otchy, Personal stylist


Even if you’re using a CRM like Dubsado, HoneyBook or 17hats, one of the first things you have to do is write those pesky canned emails … right?  

Cue the “ARGHHH, what the heck do I say?” writer’s block.


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A secret stash of battle-tested, personality-packed responses and scripts that ...

 Save you HOURS of time writing essentially the same emails over and over again with each client (just copy, paste, personalize and send)

  Give you the exact verbiage you need to handle delicate situations like bad-fit clients and scope creep with what I call firm, but tasteful, grace

 Answer FAQs before they pop up

 Actually get opened, read, and (gasp!) responded to 

 Stand out in a sea of, let’s face it, mostly boring, predictable emails and position you as THE go-to authority in your niche 


 Earn you repeat business and killer testimonials


 Get you PAID  

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

I’ve made all your client email wishes come true.

Here’s the ultimate “what to say, how to say it and when to say it” guide to communicating with clients and leads.



19 fill-in-the-blank email responses and templates with guidance on how to make them your own  

 (the same emails I use daily in my own 6-figure business to keep clients raving and make sure they tell all their friends about me)



*All sales final.



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What's Inside? 

Here's a sneak peek:

 New Client Inquiry email template

"I'm on a waitlist" verbiage

 My exact customer workflow

 The Proposal email

PLUS: The one thing I include along with every proposal that skyrocketed my closing rate (plus an inside look at my proposal template, which prospective clients almost always rave about)  

 The "Speech before the proposal" email

 The 3 emails missing from your proposal process 

 Classy AF Late Payment Reminders  

 The Testimonial Ask 
(plus what to say if you don't get a response the first time)

 A "We're not a good fit" email 

 The "Oops, I screwed up" email 

 The Weekly Check-In 
The email template that turns clients into loyal-referral-slinging fans 
 The New Client Welcome Email

 The email that will earn you repeat business 

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“This is a great collection of email templates for service-based business owners who want to rock their email communication with clients. If you’re struggling with what and how exactly to word your emails with clients, this is a great resource to have! I highly recommend it.”  


Breonna Queen, Video Marketing Strategist

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“I used the scope-creep email earlier this week! Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the additional work, I was able to use the template, send an email off within 5 minutes, and DOUBLE the price of my original proposal — which the client happily paid!”

Mara Kucirek, Marketing Specialist 


*All sales final.



Ahem. Let's do the Glass Slipper check, shall we? 


Treating your prospects and clients like superstars is one of the simplest, no-brainer ways to become known as a superstar in your industry. The key to being The Chosen One who gets hired, referred and tagged on social media again and again? It all begins with one thing: Email. 

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That’s why I created this bundle specifically for service-based businesses that cater to other businesses, such as ...  

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 Solopreneurs offering services or consulting to other business owners


 Graphic designers and website designers  

 Online Business Managers and Virtual Assistants

 Launch consultants 

 Branding Photographers 

 CPAs, bookkeepers and attorneys for creatives 

 Business coaches and strategists

 Corporate Event Planners

 Marketing Consultants

 Social Media Managers


What if my business is B2C, like say a wedding planner, travel agent, interior designer, or real estate agent? 

While these are definitely written with a B2B business owner in mind, they can be easily adapted to other industries. I’ve had real estate agents and event planners use these with great success.


Who is this NOT right for?

This probably isn’t the right template collection for you if you’re more “formal” and buttoned up (while they’re still completely professional, these emails definitely have a playful, casual edge to them). They’re also not specifically designed for ...

  • Product-based businesses
  • Course and membership creators
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“It's a fun, sassy set of email swipe files for service-based businesses. If you want to stand out from all the massive marketing emails your perspective clients are receiving on the daily, you NEED this.”  


Amy Braswell, Paper Finch Design

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“I am always struggling with how to word things when interacting with clients. I want them to know I am serious about business but want to keep it light-hearted! The proposal follow-ups have been a huge hit for me already. I feel like I got CUSTOM copywriting help with my emails!” 

Amber Romero, A Creative Co

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Instant access to an easy-to-digest PDF (plus a Google Doc version you can make a copy of)

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My client workflow process


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19 fill-in-the-blank email responses and templates

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Detailed guidance on when to send each email and how to make them your own

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The exact questions I ask to make sure I get a killer testimonial


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SPECIAL BONUS: A behind-the-scenes look at my high-converting proposal process

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Access to a video that shows exactly how I present my proposals to my clients

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A Lizzo-level injection of confidence


GIVE IT TO ME BABY (Uh-huh, uh-huh)

*All Sales Final 

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